About the Class

“The Human Story: A Documentary Project” was comprised of undergraduate Honors students at Belmont University. In addition to our digital exhibit about the 2020 presidential debate, our class collaborated with Media Studies and Motion Pictures students in the production of a documentary focused on Nashville in 2020. The MDS/MOT Capstone included advanced students in media studies and motion pictures who produced, edited, and mastered an original documentary. Honors students worked on content creation as researchers and participated in interviews as part of the documentary crew. HON1140 students also learned skills related to archival research, record creation, and Digital Humanities skills. Faculty sponsors for this course collaboration were Jennifer Duck and Mary Ellen Pethel. Enjoy the digital exhibit and be on the lookout for our documentary at upcoming film festivals.

About the Honors Program

Inspiring, challenging, and empowering men and women of diverse backgrounds to engage and transform the world is the heart and soul of Belmont’s mission. The Honors Program offers unique opportunities to exceptionally talented, motivated undergraduates that allows students to pursue their passions, study abroad, and discover lifelong community. For more visit: https://www.belmont.edu/honors/index.html.

Honors students who participated in this interdisciplinary social science seminar:
Kendal Cliburn
Sinead Doogan
Ryleigh Goodman
Aaron Kleinschmidt
Claire Mitchell
Giuliana Moreno
Alana Morgan
Trisha Patel
Pria Sharma